Year Round Volkssporting Events

What is Volkssporting?

Volkssporting simply defined, is a personal fitness sports and recreation program offering noncompetitive walks, hikes, bike rides, swims, and in some regions cross-country skiing. You may choose your time to start within the start/finish “window” and participate in the sport at your own pace.

There are traditional weekend events, but there is also Year Round Events (YREs) and Seasonal Events.  YREs are events that are generally available any day of the year. There are some restrictions, most notably closures during holidays at some locations. Seasonal events, as the name suggests, are open during a limited time frame (less than 11 continuous months) usually due to weather conditions.

The YREs and Seasonal events are self-guided events.  You go to the start location listed, request the “walk box” and complete the registration.  Take a set of directions and complete the event.

50,000 Americans participate in AVA’s achievement program by purchasing record books to record their progress. The AVA boasts active members in every state of the U.S.  If you are collecting stamps, you would also pay a $3.00 fee and stamp your book(s).

In 2012 there are 1850+ such events nationwide.  You can find information on these events at the website.  If you are traveling you might find it more convenient to have a printed copy of the event listings.  The AVA publishes a book yearly that lists the events, they call it “Starting Point”.  The book may be purchased for $20.00.

Using “Starting Point” you can find great trails to do at your own pace, any day of the year. Enjoy walks and bikes in national, state, and local parks and forests. Take in lovely countryside or charming small towns. Enjoy daily walking trails in your area. Visit destination attractions from coast to coast and enjoy seeing them afoot.

All events listed are open to the public.  You do not have to be a member to participate.

If you have begun walking for fitness (due to a medical ‘wake-up call’), please consider Volkssporting for its friendships and social benefits.


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